Vantage Toyota Birmingham Host an Evening with the Energy Saving Trust

 Joining forces with the Energy Saving Trust, the NFDA, the National Franchised Dealer Association, are bringing the ULEV roadshow to cities all around the UK.

 As an independent impartial organisation,The Energy Saving Trust exist to give expert advice based on trusted research to allow us as consumers to make informed energy efficient choices to help us create a more sustainable lifestyle.

Their roadshow is coming to Birmingham and Vantage Toyota Birmingham will act as hosts and are excited to hear what they have to say.

Why hold a roadshow?

One of the biggest challenges is getting the word out about how the technology works and dispelling some of the rumours that surround ULEV's.

Ultra Low Emission Vehicles, or ULEV's come in all shapes and sizes and there is a wide array of technologies making up this sector. Electric or plug-in vehicles are a positive step towards a greener future. Government grants are available towards the cost of low emission vehicles and there's a grant available towards installation of a homecharger for the evhicle too. 

Andrew Benfield, Group Director of Transport at the Energy Saving Trust, says:

“Our work has shown that ULEVs not only save consumers money in the long run, but are better for the environment when it comes to energy use, yet awareness around the benefits of these vehicles is relatively low. Our partnership with Trusted Dealers will allow us to speak directly to consumers and debunk common misconceptions about green cars. We want to give drivers the real facts to about ULEVs so they can consider one as their next vehicle.” 

For over 40 years Toyota has been at the forefront for the development of energy conscious solutions and we now have a great lead with 23 full hybrid models available in 80 countries and regions across the globe. At a local level we want to encourage that commitment to reducing our carbon footprint so this is a great event to be involved in. 

We all need to be proactive in finding more energy conscious solutions for our everyday life as the threat of climate change is not going away. Is a ULEV the right solution for you? We are excited to be involved in helping the Energy Saving Trust reach out to people and explain the choices and help that is available in order to facilitate a greener lifestyle.


The ULEV event:

Vantage Toyota Birmingham opened their showroom to the Energy Saving Trust on Tuesday the 2nd of May. The presentation from the trust began at 7 pm with light refreshments available for all those in attendance.

The attendees had the opportunity to try out some of our energy conscious range for size and quiz the experts on the fantastic technology involved in these ULEV vehicles. Everyone involved had an enjoyable and informative evening, including ourselves and the Energy Saving Trust. Here's to a greener future!


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